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Subaru FAQ:

What is the best Subaru to lease in New Jersey?

The best Subaru to lease in New Jersey is the SUBARU OUTBACK 2.5I SUV because it is so cost-efficient. It is able to get over 26 MPG in the city, and has lease payments as low as $344.86 per month.

Can I purchase the Subaru I am leasing?

When your lease contract ends, many times there is an option to buy the exact care you were leasing. The other options include returning the car or extending the lease for extra time.

Do I need to pay for excess miles I drive on a lease?

Yes, when you negotiate your lease terms you will have a certain mileage you can drive each year. If you drive over you need to pay per mile, usually around .20 cents.

What are the benefits of Leasing a Subaru from VIP Auto?

When you lease a Subaru from VIP auto you can expect to have:

  1. Less expensive payments
  2. The best leasing terms
  3. More flexible options for the start and the end of the lease

Do I need a down payment to lease a Subaru?

Whether or not you need a down payment to lease a new Subaru depends on your credit score and how low you want your monthly payment to be. The more you put down means the less you will pay per month.

What type of transmission system does Subaru have?

Subaru is known for its excellent All Wheel Drive which comes on most models.

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