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Why You Should Add Acura MDX A-Spec’s Remote Engine Start To Your Lease

If you’d love to lease a capable mid-size three-row SUV, you’ll quickly discover that there is a deep pool of eye-catching choices. But if you have your gaze set on the upper luxury offerings, then leasing the all-new Acura MDX is undoubtedly an outstanding decision.

From its elegant exterior to its richly-equipped deluxe interior, the MDX A-Spec is distinctively designed to accord you a premium luxury experience and satisfactory value for your money.

Like other Acura lease deals, the 2022 MDX A-Spec comes generously equipped with cutting-edge comfort, convenience, and safety technology. Still, you can spice things up a bit with some optional features to enable you to make the best out of your Acura lease. One of such features is the optional remote engine start system.

What Is Acura’s Remote Engine Start System?

This Japanese luxury automaker is well-known for top-class convenience features, and the remote engine start technology is yet another brilliant innovation.

This feature allows you to start your vehicle’s engine remotely using the 2-way keyless access remote from extended distances. This means you can start your MDX without getting inside the SUV.

You might be wondering why you’d even think of adding this remote engine start system to your MDX lease if it only activates your engine remotely. But this feature doesn’t just start your engine; it preconditions your vehicle according to the external temperature in readiness for your arrival.

As soon as the engine starts running, the system integrates with your vehicle’s security and immobilizer systems to ensure maximum protection. It also activates the auto climate control and other essential settings to warm or cool your interior, depending on the temperature outside.

The Remote Engine Start System is optional on the A-Spec and all lower trims, but it comes standard on the Advance, Type S, and top-of-the-range Type S Advance trims.

Is The Remote Engine Start System Worth It?

While the remote engine start is a feature you can live without, there’s no doubt that it makes using your MDX in extreme weather conditions much more convenient.

With the remote start system, you can activate your engine from up to 328 ft. away, so you won’t need to step outside to start your MDX and warm up its cabin when it’s cold. The system adjusts climate control settings to warm your interior, turning on heated seats, steering wheel, and other essential heating features to ensure you are ready to go immediately you step into the car. Using the remote engine start on hot days will have it activate climate control in recirculation mode along with ventilated seats. Finally, adding the remote engine start system to your lease will cost little compared to its value.

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