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2022 Mercedes Benz: S500 4Matic Sedan vs. GLE 580 4Matic

The 2022 Mercedes-Benz new models are exceptional and luxurious vehicles with unique designs. It is better than the older models in almost every area, including on-road performance and in-car technology. In this article, we’ll be comparing the S500 4Matic Sedan and GLE 580 4Matic to see which is best. By the way, we think the S-Class model is one of the best cars on the road today. Read through to make the best pick!


The 2022 Mercedes Benz S500 4matic Sedan is a luxurious SUV with numerous world-class features that makes them unique and efficient. When it comes to refinement and comfort and on four wheels, it really doesn’t get much better than in this luxury vehicle.

Its interior is premium and comfortable. Also, it has improved driver aids and in-car technology and, as well as improvements to the ride and handling. It’s more expensive than the GLE 580 4Matic, however, it is more luxurious.


The S580 4Matic Sedan has a V8 engine that it more powerful than the S500 4Matic. Besides its improved fuel economy, the 48-volt mild hybrid system fills in the power gap before the turbos build boost and further smooth the shifts from the nine-speed automatic. Plus, with the low-end torque, you won’t experience so much hitches while driving on a highway.

The GLE 4matic, on the other hand, has an air suspension that keeps the car smooth and improves its overall handling. The optional rear-axle steering enhances high-speed stability, ensuring convenience and high performance.


These two 2022 Mercedes Benz models have a convenient and comfortable interior. The Mercedes’ infotainment system has a larger screen that houses most of the car’s features and reduces dedicated controls to things like volume adjustment. Even though the menu system is vast, it is easy to navigate.

The vehicles have a good outward visibility which means it’ll be easy to conjecture the car’s sizable dimensions without the assistance of your auto-dealer. Additionally, it has a convenient cabin and large doors.


Only few in the market today can the level of luxury as the S-Class. Everything you touch or see on the car wrecks of class and high standard. The leather is soft, and the buttons have a heft. Sadly, they’re quite costly. The S500 4Matic costs $110,850 while the S580 4Matic costs $117,350.

Both costs more than Lexus LS 500, Audi A8, and the likes, but none is of the same high standard as the Mercedes Benz S-class. Interestingly, the two vehicles offer a 4-year/50,000-mile basic, rust warranty, and powertrain.

Which Is The Best?

The turbocharged six-cylinder engine equipped in the S500 4Matic is great, but we really think it’s better to get the S580 because of its turbocharged V8. It feels much more at home in a luxury car in this class.

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