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What’s New For NJ’s 2022 Mercedes Benz Lease Market

When you desire ultra-luxury, performance, and class with enough cash to spend, the S-class ticks all your checkboxes; if you’d rather opt to enjoy entry-level cars with lively performance at a budget-friendly price, then the A-class will certainly impress you. In general, whether you are a deep-pocket buyer or not, there’s always a car for you in Mercedes Benz’s exciting lineup.

Mercedes Benz is a German luxury automaker renowned for its unprecedented success in the automotive industry. Exotic cars from these brands will always top the ranks given their blistering performance, futuristic technology, spry driving demeanor, playful chassis, and magnificent interior.

Mercedes Benz is an innovative brand that never fails to deliver new exciting technology and mind-blowing cars every model year. We expect the same for 2022.

The Latest News From Mercedes Benz’s Lineup for 2022

For the 2022 model year, the German manufacturer is taking luxury and performance to a whole new level. With three stunning EVs, we couldn’t ask for anything less. Mercedes has also clarified what to expect in the coming years as the luxury brand is seriously working on offering a lineup of fully electrified cars by the end of the decade. Mercedes Benz has also redesigned some of the old names in its lineup and introduced newer advanced technology to enable them to compete against other modern cars in the same segment.

The EQE, EQS, and EQA are the three latest pure-electric cars from Mercedes Benz’s electric sub-brand, EQ, and they are the only new nameplates for 2022.

The EQS is not like any full-size luxury electric sedan we have seen. Mercedes didn’t hold back any of its cutting-edge modern tech features when garnishing this breathtaking car. Even before its arrival, the EQS has been nicknamed the electric S-class, and truly this car has all it takes to be called Mercedes Benz’s flagship electric sedan. The 2022 EQS will be powered by a huge 107.8-kWh battery, and two powerful electric motors that generates up to 516-horsepower in the all-wheel-drive variant. It will also feature the company’s new hyper screen display.

The EQE is a smaller version of the ultra-luxurious EQS sedan, and it boasts numerous high-tech features, enough to battle any other small electric sedan in its class. We expect the all-new EQE to arrive in the US market sometime in 2022 as a 2023 model.

Next in line is the all-new EQA, the second SUV to grease the company’s lineup of EVs. The 2022 EQA looks more like an electrified GLA-class, except it doesn’t have an internal combustion engine.

The C-class and GLA-class have also witnessed total redesigns, and while the 2022 C-class is looking like an affordable version of the range-topping S-class, the automaker still hasn’t said much about what the 2022 GLA would look like.

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