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The BMW X7 2020 Preview

If you could not imagine the exterior of this most exquisite of models as something that has been made better then wait till you actually drive a 2020 BMW X7. Well as market forces demanded a strong machine to dominate the road. That is just what BMW will be delivered with this high-end car. Residents of New Jersey should watch out as leasing this BMW X7 will make people stop and stare. 

What Upgrades Did BMW Make In 2020 For The X7?

How Does It Drive?

At its core, it’s a luxury cruiser that aims to be comfortable to drive and be driven in. With a 3.0-liter turbocharged I6 engine making 335 horsepower in the base 740i, and a huge, turbocharged V12 with 600 horsepower at the top of the range in the M760i you know the engine will run at top-notch. It helps to get the all-wheel-drive luxury land machine to 60 miles per hour in the estimated 3.9 seconds.

With air suspension, rear-axle steering, optional adaptive anti-roll bars, and 20-inch Bridgestone Potenza S001 tires keep the car under control in the Sport mode. 

Safety Features

The X7 has a feature menu that includes forward-collision warning with automatic emergency braking, blind-spot monitoring, lane-departure warning, rear cross-traffic alert, speed limit information, and a surround-view camera. The automatic park assist function that adds to a new Back-Up Assist feature that can help you navigate your vehicle out of parking spots. It will be a boon for regular drivers. The system actually remembers the driver’s inputs to get into space and will carry them out in reverse order. 

Top Tech 

BMW’s iDrive 7 is located on a responsive 10.2-inch touchscreen. Inside this, you find a navigation system, 16-speaker  surround sound, a Wi-Fi hotspot, and Bluetooth connectivity. BMW’s Intelligent Personal Assistant artificial intelligence system is part of the 7 Series, too making this ride seem like one of the future.

Appearances Can Be Misleading

With a recrafted rear bumper at the back and a huge kidney-shaped grille at the front, this car looks like it owns the road. From its spec it certainly does. You don’t need to own a BMW-you can lease a 7 Series and broker a great deal in New Jersey.


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