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Hyundai Sonata Sedan SE vs. Hyundai Accent SE: In-depth Comparison

One of the major differences between the Hyundai Accent and the Sonata is the starting price (MSRP) which is at approximately $5,000 difference. There’s also a slight difference in engine power. The Hyundai lineup comes standard with excellent safety features. Let’s go over a detailed comparison of this line of car.


The Hyundai Accent and Sonata are both sedans with a max cargo capacity of five passengers. However, the Accent is more compact with an interior cargo volume of 103.9 cubic-feet, as opposed to the Sonata, which has a stunning 122.4 cubic feet.

Both vehicles offer Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, so you can access all of your favorite apps right from your dashboard. The Hyundai Sonata even offers wireless charging capabilities.

Even though the Accent’s charging system isn’t wireless, it has dual USB ports that you can use to fuel up. Both dashes include a 7-inch touchscreen display, but the Sonata allows for an upgrade to an 8-inch screen in the Limited and Limited 2.0T models. Also, both models have the option of being equipped with Hands Free Bluetooth technology.


Both the 2022 Hyundai Accent and Sonata have sleek and modern designs featuring a stylish Chrome Grille and Body-Colored Mirrors. The Sonata offers standard Automatic headlights, and while this feature is available on the Accent, it’s an upgrade that doesn’t come standard on the base trim.

The Hyundai Sonata offers contemporary upgraded features such as the Hands-Free Proximity Key that unlocks the car when the smart-key is within a certain distance. Both models offer an option to upgrade to LED headlights for maximum viewing capabilities.

The Sonata also comes standard with advanced Anti-Theft alarms that the Accent doesn’t offer in the base model.


The Accent has a dependable 1.6L 4-cylinder engine, and 2019 Hyundai Sonata contains an intense 2.4L 4-cylinder, both creating intense power for such small sedans. Meanwhile, the Sonata boasts a standard 185 horsepower in comparison to the smaller 130 horsepower in the Accent.

Hyundai Accent has slightly less torque in comparison to its Sonata counterpart as well, the Sonata having 178 pound-feet and the Accent 119 pound-feet of torque. The Accent also has a smaller turning radius and gas tank than the Hyundai Sonata, although comparable fuel economy.


Both Accent and Sonata are great sedans and can seat upto 5 people. No matter your preference, bear in mind that they’re perfect for daily commute.

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