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Acura Electric SUV Preview

Honda has ascertained that an Acura model will be a part of the all-new electric vehicles it unveiled for the United States and Canada in April 2020. These will be “large-sized” electric automobiles available in North America starting in MY2024.

The ‘Honda Prologue,’ a new Honda electric vehicle, will debut in early 2024. The foremost Acura electric SUV (unnamed) will be released in 2024, and Acura is likely aiming for Tesla Model Y buyers with similar details and size.

The debut of two huge electric SUVs co-built with General Motors as MY2024 automobiles, one under the Honda label and the other under the Acura brand, will kick off the Japanese automakers’ Electric Vehicle blitz in the United States and Canada.

What To Expect

Honda and General Motors have teamed up to build two Honda EVs based on the GM global EV forum. Both electric SUVs would employ GM’s Ultium Lithium-ion batteries and Ultium Drive electric motors, “but everything above the platform will be uniquely Honda and uniquely Acura,” Dave Gardner, the Executive Vice President, Honda (United States of America), informed Automotive News in March 2021.

The Acura electric vehicle may be larger than the Lyriq, a mid-size SUV. GM markets the Lyriq as a BEV variety to the XT5 (189.60 in. x 74.90 in. x 66.10 in.).

The electric SUV co-built by Acura and GM might be a BEV alternate to the Acura MDX in the Acura brand. Going by the year of SOP, a Lyriq-sized electric SUV built on GM’s third-generation electric vehicle platform and equipped with Ultium batteries might have a range of three hundred miles. A dual-motor AWD arrangement should be attainable, and battery pack choices should incorporate units with capacities ranging from seventy to hundred kWh.

Manufacture  Of Acura Electric SUVs

Automotive News stated in January 2021 that GM aims to start producing the Acura electric crossover in Spring Hill, Tennessee, in 2024. From 2022, GM will produce the Cadillac Lyriq at this workshop, which will disburse  $2 billion in the production of pure EV. The Lyriq will be the first electric vehicle to leave the factory.

In April 2021, an Acura spokesman revealed to The Drive that GM would construct the Acura electric SUV that the two companies co-developed. A Honda spokeswoman confirmed that the Prologue would be produced in one of the company’s American factories. The delegate, however, did not divulge the place of manufacture. As stated in the Automotive News story, GM will produce the Prologue in Mexico’s Ramos Arizpe Vehicle Assembly factory.

The Naming

Although Honda Motor Company (the parent firm) has announced the name of their electric SUV like the Honda Prologue, the Acura electric SUV has yet to be announced. One possibility is that it will be introduced as the Acura ADX. The titbits were sparked by a trademark application filed by Honda Motor Company to protect the name ‘ADX.’ On December 22, 2021, it submitted a trademark request with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). It could be said that in early 2022, Honda Motor Company may unveil the name.

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