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2020 Cadillac Crossover SUV’s Compared: XT4 Vs XT5 Vs XT6

Cadillac is a car company that has made a name for itself of luxury and comfort. They have an excellent lineup of cars of every size and their crossover SUVs are without exception some of the best in their class. There are 3 specific models in ascending order which is winning the hearts of their drivers, the XT4, XT5, and Xt6. This is a short comparison of what each one has to offer and why they are so popular for leasing in New Jersey.

Cadillac XT4:

The XT4 is the smallest of the group in size and power, but that by no means makes it an underperformer. A turbocharged engine with 237 HP makes it quick and powerful in the city and on the highway. It is able to archive 30 MPG so it definitely is tuned for efficiency and performance. It has the best in class legroom at 39.5in. to make it roomy for both the front seat and the backseat passengers. But the backseat might be challenging to fit 3 full-size adults with comfort. For cargo space, it has nearly 50 cubic feet, enough for the whole family to us. Safety features include automatic emergency braking, rear camera, and an innovative head-up display to project key information on the bottom of the windshield. The 2020 Cadillac XT4 can be leased for as low as $470.00 making it the least expensive of the lineup.

Cadillac XT5:

The XT5 is the middle model with great size, performance, and features.  The engine is a 3.6 liter V6 producing over 310 HP,  more than 50hp more than the XT4. The improvements don’t end with the engine as the entire driving experience is enhanced. It has a real-time damping sensor that adjusts the suspension based on driving conditions, It also has all-wheel drive and an automatic engine torque reducer and braking for low traction surfaces. In the luxury department, it is packed with features ranging from a heated steering wheel to a sunroof large enough to cover the front and back seats. The alloy wheels on the XT5 are 2 inches larger, coming in at 20in. The 2020 Cadillac XT5 has lease offers for $475.00 per month, making it an excellent deal.

Cadillac XT6:

Cadillac’s customers wanted an even larger and more powerful crossover SUV, so they made the XT6 last year. This is a huge 7 seater luxury SUV with cargo space pushing a whopping 78 cubic feet. Not only that but the headspace in the new third row is 37 inches high, making it much more comfortable than its competitors. The inside is lined with expensive carbon fiber and wood trims and fully loaded infotainment systems including wireless phone charging. Alerts and sensors on all 4 sides of the car assist in any driving situation to improve safety and even has night vision cameras built in to improve visibility. Despite its large size and generous features, it can still achieve 18mpg on its 3.6L engine. Leasing the 2020 Cadillac XT6 is the most expensive of the 3 options around $601.00 per month, but when compared to other Luxury SUVs of its size, the XT6 blows them out of the water in price and performance.

No matter the size of your family or the demands of your lifestyle the Cadillac crossover SUV lineup has something for everyone.


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