The 5 Cheapest Jeep Car Lease Options For NJ Residents

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Ready to lease your next new SUV but not sure which Jeep car model is right for you? This article will offer you a preview of the most popular Jeep models leased in New Jersey.

Everybody who knows anything about cars has their list of the best cars to have in the driveway. Regardless of what cars make your list, leasing will forever remain the easiest and the most convenient way to get yourself any latest hot wheels.

With a strong reputation of offering capable off-road vehicles that went as far back as during WWII, Jeep has upped their game in recent years—adding enough comfort and luxurious furnishings to come close to what you’d get from a high-end car. It, however, still retains and even improved on its off-road ability.

Below are the best Jeep car lease deals that you should consider leasing today in NJ.

Jeep Compass

The Jeep Compass is far from being the best in its class. Nevertheless,  it affords some positives that appeal to shoppers, more especially the Jeep loyalists. The 2021 Compass is one of the best looking Jeep SUV. Its excellent off-road ability, which is pretty much uncommon in its class, makes leasing the 2021 Compass a decent option. Inside this compact SUV is a well-built cabin with comfortable and supportive seats. You’re never short of exciting tech amenities with the Compass. Aside from its off-road prowess and tow rate, the new Compass has nothing else spectacular to offer.

Jeep Cherokee

Distancing itself from the look-alike pack in the compact crossover class, the Cherokee combines decent on-road chops with excellent off-road ability—one thing that comes easy with no vehicle other than a Jeep. If you love adventures, leasing the 2021 Jeep Cherokee is just the right spice to your world of adventure. This compact SUV sports a potent turbocharged engine, a comfy cabin with a user-friendly infotainment system, and a relaxing ride quality.

Jeep Grand Cherokee

If you love the Grand Cherokee, you’ll most definitely go gaga over the new Grand Cherokee trim level. And if you want something beyond the daily driving routine, a two-row family SUV with delightful on-road and off-road ability and exhilarating performance, consider the 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailhawk lease. The Trailhawk sports all the impressive attributes of the Grand Cherokee—and even more. It wears a more aggressive styling and comes standard with a thunderous V8 engine and a sport-tuned suspension. This Jeep model remains one of the most capable off-roaders and performance-oriented midsized SUVs in the market.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Summit

Yet another impressive option in the extensive and generally pleasing Grand Cherokee models. The 2021 Grand Cherokee Summit features nearly the same tech amenities as other of its trim siblings, except that this high trim, gets more luxury upgrades and affords more standard convenient features, which are altogether optional in the lower trims.

Jeep Gladiator

Not yet entirely impressed by the Wrangler, wait till you lease the Jeep Gladiator. The Gladiator is a midsize truck that affords twice of everything you loved about the Wrangler—body styling, off-road ability—while offering versatility and practicality. With enough power for your daily duty and class-leading payload and towing capacities, the Jeep Gladiator is undoubtedly an excellent alternative to the Wrangler.

Jeep cars will forever remain a symbol of excellent off-road and decent on-road vehicles, just as VIP Auto is always the number 1 place for fantastic lease bargains. To get the best out of a Jeep lease deal, VIP Auto at 32 US-46, Lodi, NJ 07644, is the only place you can trust.


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