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In an incredible turn of events, GM’s gas-guzzling Hummer brand, which was abandoned in 2010, is set to return in 2022 as an all-electric sub-label of GMC. The rebuilt Hummer will debut as a pickup truck initially, followed by an SUV.

What’s New For The Year 2022?

Although Hummer is a well-known brand, the Hummer EV will be a brand-new vehicle for GMC. The Hummer Electric Vehicle went on sale in the fall of 2021, with just the most expensive Edition 1 variant accessible initially; less priced trims will be accessible in 2022.

EV Motor, Performance, And Power

For the time being, the Hummer Electric Vehicle’s only drivetrain option is a setup with three(3) electric motors producing one thousand hp. All-wheel drive is conventional, and GMC claims a time of 3.0 seconds from zero to sixty miles per hour, which the firm claims is possible because of the truck’s Watts to Freedom launch control operating

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