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The Lexus ES 250 AWD and Lexus ES 350 are among the best-selling Lexus lineup of world-class sedans. Aside from their great resale value, they have a spectacular quality. The ES 250 seems to have more to offer than its brother model – ES 350, considering that it comes standard with an all-wheel-drive. Nevertheless, let’s see what makes each of them stand out.


Both models are gorgeous from all ends. Their stylish and classy shape augments the appeal and helps fight against the wind, adding fuel efficiency and saving cost. By pushing the wheels far into the corners, designers have been able to extend the wheelbase and increase interior legroom.

In simple terms the Lexus ES 250 AWD and Lexus ES 350 (Base) are exquisitely classic and come with the regular Lexus spindle grille.


The interior of the two Lexus sedans are quite similar. They come standard with soft-touch materials, high-grade leather seating,

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