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If you love good, healthy, and safe cars, you would love Volvo. Volvo is a Swedish car manufacturer known for safe, durable, and environmental-friendly cars, with alluring designs and satisfactory performance. In the past, the Swedish automaker was taunted heavily for making boring box-shaped cars, but things have taken a drastic turnaround today. Vehicles from the Swedish automaker are highly sought after by buyers worldwide. Volvo’s lineup runs from attractive cars with internal combustion engines, hybrid vehicles, and adorable EVs.

Update From Volvo’s Lineup For The 2022 Model Year

For 2022, the Swedish car manufacturer is looking to bolster its lineup by adding a new nameplate and redesigning a few of its cars. The Scandinavian automaker is also adding its latest Android-based infotainment software to virtually all vehicles in its lineup.

Volvo has announced that it will no longer sell the V90 and base V60 station wagons in the United States. So US buyers can [...]

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