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The Nissan car brand is Japan’s second-largest car manufacturer and a well-recognized brand worldwide. The company is known to produce exquisite high-end cars that seamlessly deliver immense comfort and impressive acceleration. Just as you would expect, Nissan gets a fair share of Japan’s secrete formula for creating reliable vehicles, and as such, the automaker’s durability and reliability ratings are very impressive.

Nissan also makes entry-level cars that are fuel-efficient and very affordable. Currently, the Nissan Leaf is the cheapest brand new EV you can purchase in the United States. The automaker’s lineup also stretches from the scintillating GT-R to the fierce Frontier, the 3-row luxury Armada, along with other highly rated sedans and useful crossovers.

Here Are The Main Highlights In Nissan’s Lineup For 2022

For the 2022 model year, the Japanese automaker has revealed that it would add a new nameplate, coupled with some long-awaited redesigns that will help revigorate its lineup and yield

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