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One of the most revered and popular vehicles out there, the Mercedes has brought nothing short of joy and a feeling of accomplishment for Germans and Americans alike. With the Mercedes ranking as one of the most consistent engine producers in the Auto industry, best believe you won’t get anything less than a premium performance when driving one. Mercedes cars are quite expensive; however, VIP Auto has outlined the various Mercedes lease deals New Jersey residents can go for that is very budget-friendly and cost-efficient. Here they are right below;

2021 Mercedes Benz GLA

The GLA is one of the simplest vehicles ever released by Mercedes. The exterior styling was kept at a minimum, with more attention being paid to the interior. Cabin space is accommodating, and comfort is exquisite. Its 2.0-liter inline-four turbo engine and eight-speed double-clutch transmission are adequate for a leisure drive. If you need an incredibly comfortable car, then you should

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