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When it comes to affluence, there’s no better fit in the BMW lineup than the X7, the brand’s luxurious three-row SUV. While its cargo area and rearmost seats aren’t as spacious as its rivals – Mercedes-Benz GLS-class and the Jeep Grand Wagoneer, it offers a better driving experience and an impressive selection of engines.

They range from a 375-hp turbo-six to a 523-hp twin-turbo V-8, with the latter making 630 horses on the highest-class, max-performance Alpina XB7. All models have all-wheel drive and an adaptive air suspension that promotes a pillow-like ride.

The X7 has a serene interior, filled with upscale materials and modern tech such as the dash’s giant curved glass display. Those features, combined with the X7’s towing capability and an array of standard active-safety tech, make leasing the 2023 BMW X7 the best decision you can make.

Engine & Performance

The Alpina XB7 has a specially tuned version of that V-8, which

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