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With the latest Audi lineup, You clearly have a pool of choices to make when it comes to small luxury SUVs. However, the Audi Q5 sports a well-erected interior, drafted driving dynamics, comfortable seats, and a wealth of standard features. The Q5 feels nimble and athletic on the open road, and it can soak up knots in the pavement with poignant poise. Its machine lineup is different and includes punchy four-cylinder, V6, and draw-in-mongrel options. The interior also impresses with a simple-to-use infotainment system and a ton of standard features and amenities. Here are its features.

Engine, Transmission, & Performance

The 2023 Q5 40 features a standard 201-hp turbocharged four-cylinder, a seven-speed automatic transmission, and Quattro each-wheel drive. Stepping up to the 45 model boosts power to 261. The turbo four provides abundance of punch to scoot the Q5 45 around city or blast down a trace on-ramp, and it’s suave, quiet, and melodic. The [...]

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