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The 2022 Honda Insight is the Civic hybrid’s spiritual heir. With a comparable length and shape to Honda’s compact car but a more fuel-efficient gas-electric powertrain beneath the hood, the Insight is a Civic that’s more tranquil at low speeds and gets better gas mileage. A comfy ride, a nice cabin, and precise steering are just a few of the Civic’s top features.

What’s New For The Year 2022?

The most significant modification for 2022 is the removal of the base LX trim. As a result, the lineup begins with the more well-equipped and more costly EX, although the top-of-the-line Touring remains unaffected.

Performance, Engine, and Transmission

The Insight balances nimble velocity with frugal fuel economy adequately than other hybrids. It’s on par with many commonly powered compact vehicles, and it’s significantly faster than the hybrid competitors that were tried. With a combined one hundred and fifty-one hp from a gas engine and electric motors, [...]

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