Hit The Road In Style: Explore New Jersey’s Exclusive Lease Deals For the 2023 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross SUV

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This is your one-stop destination for exclusive lease deals on the 2023 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross SUV in New Jersey. Get ready to elevate your driving experience with this stylish and versatile vehicle that seamlessly combines luxury and performance. From its exterior to its spacious interior, we’ll guide you through all the reasons why this SUV stands out among others. Also, don’t miss out on the opportunity to engage in New Jersey’s finest Mitsubishi lease deals at unbeatable prices. Let’s embark on a journey to explore the features this amazing SUV.

Overview And Pricing

Beginning with the previous mode, the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross had all-wheel drive as a standard feature across the lineup. With the new model, Mitsubishi standard LED headlights and fog lights, as well as a new wheel design for 18-inch wheels. The most expensive SEL trim now has lower trim that matches the body color, while SE models have embellishments on the front bumper that are silver-colored. The MSRP for all trims ranges from $25,795 to $29,995. Leasing with us would be a better option since we offer a monthly cahege of $444.

Engine And Performance

The turbocharged four-cylinder in the Eclipse Cross isn’t exactly going to disappoint most potential customers. The most recent test model reached 60 mph in 8.6 seconds. The engine’s power is delivered smoothly via a CVT, an automated transmission that constantly adjusts to the needs of the engine.

Fuel Efficiency

According to the EPA, that the Eclipse Cross is supposed to perform better in the city than many of its competitors. With EPA ratings of 26 mpg in the city, 29 mpg on the highway, and 27 mpg combined, the base ES model is the most fuel-efficient option. During a highway fuel-efficiency test at 75 mpg, the all-wheel-drive SEL trim level of the Eclipse Cross achieved 26 mpg.

Interior And Exterior Design

The Eclipse Cross’s cabin is about what you’d expect for the price. There are no glaring features of shoddy materials, but other competitors provide nicer cabins for a similar price. Although the seats are covered in a fashionable and durable fabric, our backs wished for extra support after a few hours behind the wheel due to the absence of a lumbar adjustment.

Steering And Handling

The suspension of the Eclipse Cross was specifically calibrated for comfort; accelerating around corners results in only minor body roll. The chassis maintains its composure across damaged pavement and railroad crossings thanks to its softness, which also contributes to the excellent ride quality of the vehicle. The steering is responsive and light, which is beneficial for maneuvering on various roads.

In conclusion, the 2023 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross SUV offers a perfect blend of luxury and value for everyone. You can also enjoy affordable car leasing services with our support.

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