Comparison Of 2022 Jaguar SUVs: E-Pace AWD SUV vs. F-Pace AWD SUV

How will you feel driving around different streets in a new luxury SUV? In this comparison, we’ll be showing the obvious differences between the Jaguar E-PACE vs. F-PACE. Have you been wondering which Jaguar SUV is best for your daily adventures? Read through and find out yourself. When you’re ready to take the next big step.


Both vehicles have high standard all-wheel-drive (AWD) and standard 2.0L turbo 4-cylinder engines. They deliver incredible performance at 246 to 247 horsepower on the base trims and 296 horsepower on higher trims.

The F-PACE offers quite a number of value-added engine options, some tuned for performance, and others, for efficiency. Additionally, a supercharged V8 engine has a potent 550 horsepower while a turbodiesel engine achieves an efficient 33 highway MPGup and 26 city roads.

The Jaguar E-PACE is more reliable for daily driving because it has a balanced fuel economy and power. Notwithstanding, the F-PACE can deliver excellently.


When it comes to connectivity, technology, etc., the Jaguar E-PACE and F-PACE are reliable. They offer easy-to-access vehicle data, smartphone integration, and more. The standard and available features in both vehicles include:

  • InControl® Touch™ Pro
  • AudioInControl® Apps™
  • Head-Up DisplayMeridian™

The InControl® Touch™ Pro infotainment system features a sleek 10-inch touchscreen. It is simple to use and grants access to InControl® Apps™, which allows you to connect your smartphone and use your favorite apps, even while driving.

With the Head-Up Display, you can stay connected to the road for as long as possible. Its function is to project important vehicle information onto the windshield. With that, you can see your gear position, navigation directions, and speed simultaneously.

Interior Features

The most obvious difference between the Jaguar E-PACE and F-PACE is their size. While the former is a subcompact SUV, the latter is a compact one. Even though both vehicles provide a seating space that can take five people, the Jaguar F-PACE is slightly bigger and will make a great family starter vehicle.

The E-PACE, on the other hand, is suitable for more intimate adventures. It offers 24.2 cubic feet of space behind the rear seats while the F-PACE has 33.5 cubic feet. Both SUVs are versatile and have split-folding rear seatbacks. When you fold them, you’ll be revealing 63.5 cubic feet in the F-PACE and 52.7 cubic feet in the E-PACE. Plus, the hands-free liftgates make it easier to load items.

In conclusion, both the Jaguar E-PACE and F-PACE are standout luxury SUVs. To choose the ultimate best between them, it’s advisable to schedule a test drive. Get to know how versatile they are and test all the features you’ve read about in our car comparison.

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