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When performance and other features seems redefined, the Volkswagen’s latest 2024 models emerge as a pinnacle of automotive excellence, reshaping the landscape of driving. These cars transcend the ordinary, embodying a fusion of cutting-edge technology and unmatched performance. Representing the zenith of automotive innovation, Volkswagen sets a new standard, redefining what it means to hit the road. With sleek design and advanced features, the 2024 fleet stands as a testament to the evolution of driving, offering a driving experience that goes beyond expectations. Join us as we unravel the allure of these remarkable vehicles, setting a bold precedent in the ever-evolving world of automobiles.

Changes To The 2024 Models

Volkswagen’s 2024 lineup offers irresistible changes to its models. The Golf GTI bids farewell to its six-speed manual transmission, offering a special GTI 380 package for manual trims featuring a distinctive Graphite Gray paint, black 19-inch wheels, and adaptive suspension. The Jetta impresses with standard IQ.Drive [...]

Volkswagen, or VW, is a renowned German automotive manufacturer that has been producing cars since the 1930s. The company’s name translates to “people’s car” in German, and their vehicles have become synonymous with reliability, innovation, and style. Volkswagen offers a wide range of vehicles, from sporty hatchbacks to family-friendly SUVs, and has a reputation for creating high-quality, durable vehicles that are designed to last. With a commitment to sustainability, safety, and cutting-edge technology, Volkswagen continues to be a leader in the automotive industry, offering innovative and stylish vehicles that meet the needs of modern drivers. Read on to learn more.


Volkswagen cars have a reputation for being reliable. The company is known for producing high-quality vehicles that are built to last, and many Volkswagen models have won awards for their durability and reliability. In fact, several Volkswagen models, such as the Golf and the Passat, have consistently ranked high in reliability studies conducted by [...]

Living in a box isn’t so bad when the box is Volkswagen’s cavernous three-row Atlas SUV. Unlike many others in the platoon of three-row mid-sizers, the Atlas has a big rearmost seat to comfortably handle adults. In fact, the Volkswagen lineup has the most comfortable rides.

The 2023 Volkswagen Atlas gets power from either a 235-hp turbocharged four-cylinder or a 276-hp V-6 that can tow up to 5000 pounds. Both powertrains come with an eight-speed automatic transmission and can be ordered with either front- or all-wheel drive.

The interior materials are more corporate than in competitors such as the Mazda CX-9 and Kia Telluride, the Atlas’s vast interior space makes it more practical thanks to greater cargo room when the third row is folded.

Engine & Performance

The Atlas comes with one of two engines, a 235-hp four-cylinder or a 276-hp V-6. Both pair with an eight-speed automatic transmission and either front- or all-wheel drive.


Volkswagen’s swish appearance and refined driving proficiency gives it a distinct charm. No matter which of their vehicle you choose, they all comes well connected and manufactured to deliver easy driving and inward pleasure. They have been known for decades to give low-velocity engine thrust and suspension’s composure on bad roads. With a Volkswagen lineup you’re certain on space even enough to fit a whole family and their items. Here are the vehicles seen in Volkswagen’s 2022 SUV garage.

  • Volkswagen Atlas

The 2022 Volkswagen Atlas gives one of the best values in its class and is truly roomy for a family trip. The Atlas comes with one of two machines a 235-hp four-cylinder or a 276-hp V-6. Both brace with an eight-speed automatic transmission and either frontal or each-wheel drive. The Atlas comes with one of two machines a 235-hp four-cylinder or a 276-hp V-6. Both brace with an eight-speed automatic [...]

Volkswagen Sedan delivers technique and performance and has various options to choose from. It offers ample interior and sporty power. If you are looking for a sedan that offers good technology and fashion, choose a Volkswagen Sedan today and get the best lease deal. Below is the list of Volkswagen sedans you should take a look at;

  • 2022 Arteon 

The 2022 Volkswagen Arteon provides a mass of cargo room, a proportional ride, and substantial engine strength. The 2022 Arteon arrives with a bigger turbocharged 2.0-liter engine with 300 horsepower and 295 pound-feet of torque. It is equipped with a 27.2 cubic bases of space in the back row and 56.2 cubic bases with the hind seats folded flat.

  • 2022 Golf GTI 

The 2022 Golf GTI has the best personality, making it a performance idol. A turbocharged, 2.0-liter, 241-hp four-cylinder is under the hood and moves the frontal wheels through either a seven-speed automatic or six-speed manual [...]

Spry handling, refined powertrain, and a spacious interior with an optional third-row of seats are not things you find in a compact SUV every day. Now you know why the Tiguan is special.

The 2022 Volkswagen Tiguan is a highly-rated compact SUV that offers a sublime driving experience mainly due to its responsive steering feedback and generally impressive driving dynamics. The Tiguan also inherits most high-tech features found in other Volkswagen lease deals, and these features get even more advanced as you ascend the Tiguan’s trim levels.

For compact SUV shoppers who wish to lease the latest Volkswagen Tiguan, you can rest assured that you’re getting premium value for your greenbacks.

Let’s learn more about the high-tech driver’s display unique to the Tiguan’s top-tier trim.

What Is The Volkswagen Digital Cockpit Pro?

If you’ve not heard of the Volkswagen Digital Cockpit Pro, relax; it’s not a virtual reality kind of technology or some futuristic self-driving [...]

With stunning looks, a capacious interior added to state-of-the-art infotainment and safety features; the Atlas can be called a nice family SUV.

The 2022 Volkswagen Atlas is a practical mid-size SUV with a third row that can comfortably accommodate adults, something that’s rare to find these days. The 2022 Atlas offers impressive handling and many other satisfactory features, making it a popular option for large families that reach out to us for 2022 Volkswagen lease deals.

If you are looking to lease the 2022 Volkswagen Atlas, this article will help you make a more informed choice as we will compare three of the SUV’s famous trims.


The SE is Atlas’s entry-level trim, but you’d be surprised to see how elegant it can be when properly equipped. The SE model offers tons of modern safety and driver assistance features, as well as intuitive infotainment technology. Some of the key features on the SE trim include;


The subcompact crossover segment is currently one of the hottest car segments, with lots of car brands trying to make a statement. Buyers are faced with numerous options, so every car here must stand out in order to impress. Well, it looks like Volkswagen considered all this while making the new Taos. The all-new 2022 Taos is the newest nameplate in the Volkswagen lineup, and there’s a whole lot you’d love about this car. From its bold design to numerous high-tech features, the Taos has very few flaws, and leasing the 2022 Volkswagen Taos guarantees an exciting experience.


Beneath the hood, the Volkswagen Taos draws its power from a 1.5L turbocharged 4-cylinder engine that produces 175-hp of turbo power and 184 Ib-ft of torque. This engine is mated to an 8-speed shiftable automatic transmission. The new Volkswagen is not the fastest in its class, but it’s definitely not the slowest either. It hits 0-60mph [...]

Want to own a well-built and confident car that delivers excellent value? Check out the Volkswagen lease deal. And if you desire to get the most exceptional lease bargain when you lease a new Volkswagen in New Jersey, lease with VIP Auto.

Ready to lease a new Volkswagen in NJ? Are you stuck with deciding the most suitable Volkswagen model for you? Of course, the legendary German automaker, Volkswagen, offers a variety of options in its 2022 lineup. You can never go wrong leasing a Volkswagen if you want a reliable and quality car, from EVs to hatchbacks, sedans, and SUVs.

So, here are the top reliable 2022 Volkswagen models you should consider leasing today in NJ.

2022 Volkswagen ID.4

If you want to go fully electric, leasing the 2022 Volkswagen ID.4 is the right place to start. While many other options in the segment undoubtedly dwarf this EV, it’s an excellent choice if you’re [...]

So you’ve decided to lease a new car. Leasing a new car is always an exciting time. Getting to your dealership and checking out different vehicles until you find the one that feels right for you. But this whole process can be time-consuming and, to an extent, annoying as you struggle to find a car that ticks all the right boxes.

Volkswagen, fondly called the “the people’s car,” has come a long way since the ’50s and ’60s with its Beetles. Today, there now offers an impressive lineup of sporty hatchbacks, stylish sedans, and practical SUVs.

Many things go with choosing a new Volkswagen car to lease. To help you get started, here are the unparalleled Volkswagen cars you should consider leasing.

Volkswagen Jetta

If you ever need a practical sedan that is budget-friendly and fuel-efficient, the 2021 Volkswagen Jetta lease deal is what you should go for. The 2021 Jetta sports a cavelike cabin [...]

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