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Ford vehicles might not be the flashiest or the most visually appealing car. However, they have that raw power and energy that is lacking in most style-driven luxury vehicles. The American Auto company is well known for its excellence in vehicular drivability and responsiveness. They make this factor their point of interest when manufacturing vehicles. Best believe any Ford lease deal you opt for will have the necessary qualities to deliver mind-blowing top speeds and handling. There are a few models, however, that have significant engine upgrades more than the others. VIP Auto is dedicated to giving you nothing but the best in New Jersey, which is why we have made a list of the top-performing Ford vehicles you can go for at competitive prices.

2021 Ford Fusion Hybrid

This high-quality sedan comes, unfortunately, in a small package. The interior space is well furnished and designed but can feel tight for huge drivers and passengers.

Chryslers are underrated vehicles, and just because they aren’t as popular as other American Automobile companies do not mean that they don’t have equal standard qualities. Chryslers are one of the few American vehicles that don’t have inflated prices. Their vehicles serve as a feasible solution to drivers who desire American luxury vehicles without burning a hole in their pockets when funding them. Many Chrysler lease deals, be it minivans or sedans, fall into this category. However, VIP Auto has handpicked the Chrysler vehicles with the best value for money, which you can lease comfortably in New Jersey.

2021 Chrysler Pacifica Minivan Touring

There is no feeling better than taking a long trip with your family in the Pacifica. The cabin space is big enough for a family of six, with incredible infotainment and comfort functions to keep passengers preoccupied for the length of the journey. The interior materials aren’t the most luxurious out there,

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