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Hyundai’s Genesis is touted as the maker of the most affordable high-class luxury cars. And while Hyundai has offered the auto market with an impressive range of exciting designs and performance cars, and now, it has done better, offering a mind-blowing range of performance, value, and luxury in its new sub-brand.

Right from when Hyundai unveiled the Genesis lineup, the auto market stood and marveled at the latest offering from the innovative Korean auto brand, which seemed quite armed to take on the big guns in the luxury auto sector. And to date, most shoppers are still smitten with what Genesis has to offer.

While pay extra to drive around the streets of New Jersey in a luxury car when you can lease value-priced new offerings from the Korean automotive giant. Here is the latest offering from the 2022 Genesis lease deal that is worth leasing.

2022 Genesis G70

While it may serve as the

The American public often overlooks Genesis vehicles, and it shouldn’t be so. With the quality these luxury vehicles have to offer at moderate pricing, they should be one of the most coveted cars in modern times. Unfortunately, vehicular popularity plays a huge role in how often various cars are being leased or financed. With VIP Auto’s help, residents in New Jersey can finally get enlightened about these beautiful vehicles. Before seeking a Genesis lease deal, you should know what kinds of cars they are, which is why we have made a list of five superb Genesis vehicles in our inventory.

2021 Genesis G70 2.0T

This sedan is very portable and stylish on the exterior, with the sizeable rims adding a fantastic depth to the low gravity structure. Interior is equally great, with quality upholstery and leather used for the beautiful design. A 2021 Genesis G70 2.0T lease deal will also guarantee you a quick eight-speed

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