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At first glance, both car brands have many similarities. First of all, they’re both German. BMW or the Barvarian Motor Works was founded in 1916 from a defunct aircraft engine factory while Volkswagenknown as The People’s Car, was founded some twenty years later. Both brands are among some of the most recognizable in the world. Their initials are incorporated into a circle and sit proudly on their respective grilles.

Beautiful Brands

VW owns 12 different brands or manufacturers whereas BMW owns 3. The two companies compete directly with each other at various levels. VW also competes in a much broader range of the market from the lowest end to the absolute highest end.  BMW is synonymous with luxury.

This is down to marketing and reputation.  BMW exemplifies class, personality, and sophistication while VW maintains its universal appeal.  It is funny that BMW drivers have a poor reputation on the road. Car blogging has lead us

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