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Lease The Newest 2024 VW Today!

VIP Volkswagen Lease Of NYC, our sister company and corporate headquarters, took the states auto industry by storm. Now New Jersey residents can enjoy the 100% virtual white glove Volkswagen lease services that our friends across the river enjoy.

Leasing a 2024 VW can be fun and easy at Vip Auto Lease of New Jersey. With some amazing upgrades and enhancements be sure to check out the:

  • 2024 Arteon
  • 2024 Atlas and Atlas Cross Sport
  • 2024 Golf and Golf GTI
  • 2024 Jetta and Jetta GLI
  • 2024 Passat
  • 2024 Tiguan

Nearly every Volkwagen car and SUV has at least 3 trim levels to choose from, which means you have full control over every aspect of comfort, luxury and safety in your 2021 VW. You can lease any trim and any model online or from our local location in NJ.


The original people’s car was mass-produced by Volkswagen but designed by Ferdinand Porsche so it was always going to be a hybrid of high-end design and cutting edge technology. With the popularization of the Beetle, Volkswagen has been able to move forward with its idea of bringing high-quality cars to the world. They are the manufacturers of many international automotive brands. They brought their advanced engineering to Spain when they entered an agreement with Seat. They also have a cooperative agreement with the Czech company Skoda and have been able to engage with luxury technologies from Lamborgini, Bentley, and Bugatti. This makes Volkswagen cars the best in the world and you should find a lease dealer here in New Jersey to help you broker favorable terms.

Which Volkswagen Should You Lease


Well, the 2021 Jetta has so many beautiful finishing touches such as LED headlights and a panoramic sunroof. You will feel relaxed in the ergonomically designed seats as you drive around town or travel intercity. You sit in comfort and have all the relevant technology at your fingertips which you customize to preference. You will have peace of mind as the Jetta has the VW Car-Net® Security & Service. This app tells you where you parked and if you locked the door.


The bold lines of the 2021 Tiguan show strength and character and you make a statement when you arrive. Some like it hot whereas others like it cool and with Dual-zone automatic climate control everybody is happy on the journey. The snappy bumpy and 19” alloy wheels make a strong statement when you arrive and just because its comfortable and stylish does not mean it is boring. The eight-speed turbocharged engine is both fun and fuel-efficient and the sports mode means it has a cheeky side to its drive. Whether you are on or offroad you simply change the settings to change the traction and the car will react to the most challenging of surfaces.


The 2021 Atlas is just a bit bigger than other SUV’s so you and your family and friends can enjoy the luxury of Volkswagens styling and comfort.  This strong giant of a car is fun and convenient whether you want to open the trunk with your toe or start the car with the key still in your pocket you can with today’s Volkswagen technology. Even though the bold bumper and grille create an imposing look on the road it is incredibly smooth to drive. This SUV has enough space for up to six passengers to sit in comfort. If its cargo you need to shift then the second and third-row fold flat so you can pack it full.

Whatever your needs a Volkswagen is an intelligent automotive choice. There is no better person than to discuss lease deals with than an experienced lease dealer right here in New Jersey. The advanced technology is encased in many types of vehicle, from sporty sedans to family favorites you will travel in style.

Volkswagen FAQ:

What is the cheapest Volkswagen to lease in New Jersey?

The 2021 Volkswagen Jetta is one of the most popular FWD Sedans that can be leased for those who qualify for $225.00 per month.

How to get a zero down lease Volkswagen?

Zero down leases are one of the biggest benefits of leasing a Volkswagen. We run promotions throughout the year in NJ where you can lease most 2021 Volkswagen models for $0 down, or if you have a strong credit score you can qualify year-round.

What VW models come with Bluetooth?

In 2021 all of the models in the VW lineup come with Bluetooth integration in the infotainment system. With additional features like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto the driver can link and steam from their phone taking advantage of the car’s full capabilities.

What kind of features comes in leased Volkswagen vehicles?

New VW vehicles come with some of the best technology and features like heated seats and steering wheels, touch screen display, navigation, and the Car-Net app

What are the safest Volkswagen cars?

Four models: the Jetta, Golf, GTI, and Atlas all received 5-star crash safety ratings. All models also come with some of the most advanced safety features like blind spot monitoring, traffic alerts, and Adaptive Cruise Control.

What oil should I use in a new Volkswagen?

Synthetic based oils are the only oils that should be used in the Volkswagen engines. It allows the car to run cleaner and go longer between oil changes

How often should my leased VW be serviced?

Most cars should be serviced at least once a year or every 10k miles. This includes the oil, filters, and breaks.

What fuel should I use in a new Volkswagen?

87 octane fuel is the recommended fuel for most new VW’s.


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