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Toyota FAQ:

What is the cheapest Toyota to lease in New Jersey?

The cheapest Toyota to lease in New Jersey is the four-door 2020 TOYOTA COROLLA SEDAN which can be leased for as low as $205.00. It is one of the best compact cars on the market and is fuel efficient in the city and the highway.

What is the Toyota TPMS?

Some Toyota models come with a Tire Pressure Monitoring System. With an advanced set of sensors, they actively monitor your tires and notify you on your dashboard when the pressure is low. 

How often do I have to change the oil on my leased Toyota?

When you lease a Toyota the oil and oil filter should be changed every 10,000 miles. This will vary based on the driving conditions and climate, so referencing your owners manual and checking monthly will be the best.

What does ToyotaCare roadside assistance include?

ToyotaCare is a roadside assistance program available on new Toyotas which provides 24/7 service for flats, towing, and many more features.

How many models does Toyota make in 2020 for lease?

At VIP Auto Lease of NJ we have the best lease deals on 

  • All 5 models of Toyota cars
  • All 6 models of Toyota SUVs
  • 2 models of Toyota trucks
  • And 1 Toyota van

What happens when my lease finishes?

When you finish your lease there are typically 3 options:

  1. Purchase the vehicle
  2. Extend the lease
  3. Return the vehicle

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