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The Lincoln brand is an epitome of elegance and pleasure. As expensive as it may seem to own a new Lincoln, The VIP Auto Lease Group is determined to offer you any of your choice Lincoln model at the least possible lease rates. You don’t have to deny yourself the luxury that you so much crave for, with VIP Auto Lease Deals in New Jersey, you will have the Lincoln of your dream at a mind-blowing bargain. Our extensive catalogue on top shoppers Lincoln cars covers;

Lincoln Navigator

The all-new Navigator is a full-sized SUV to be reckoned with – boasting a powerful 450 horsepower twin-turbo V-6 powertrain. This Lincoln’s most grand model can seat up to eight people, making the new Lincoln Navigator lease an excellent choice for family shoppers. Its exclusive crafting, effortless acceleration and high towing capacity make it worth a go.

Lincoln Aviator

The Aviator is a mid-sized luxury SUV that unapologetically gives competitors real chills. With a design that is as attractive as it is functional, which undeniably settles between a more refined Continental and Navigator SUV. Its lively twin-turbo V-6 engine that gets 400 horsepower is unbeatable in its class, further making a 2020 Lincoln Aviator lease a premium choice SUV.

Lincoln Nautilus

If there are any other Lincoln cars that the American luxury automakers did be proud to offer, is certainly the new Lincoln Nautilus. This midsize high-end SUV have somewhat what it takes to compete with other well-known luxury brands. Everything about the new Nautilus, from its roomy interior, relaxed driving dynamics, and reliable two turbocharged engines—a four-cylinder and a V6, are all engineered to satisfy buyers, giving the all-new Lincoln Nautilus lease a face-lift. Its myriad list of features, including high-tech safety and infotainment package, is not to be overlooked.

Lincoln Continental

The Continental is the car that most people think of when the name Lincoln is mentioned.This ever-classy sedan continuously lives up to expectation. The 2020 Continental offers a roomy and gorgeous interior, an upscale styling and as expected, and as smooth-as-silk ride. Believe, you simply can’t get enough with a Lincoln Continental lease deal. Its three power-packed engine options are all V6 and deliver quick acceleration that can wow most riders.

Lincoln MKZ

One of the favorite Lincoln sedans among car enthusiasts is the MKZ. This Lincoln does not just give you luxury and prestige from the outside – its interior delivers much more luxury. Generously equipped with a delectable cabin and tons of upscale features that clearly distinguishes this sedan, the comfort and ride experience that comes with driving an all-new Lincoln MKZ lease sedan is so compelling, to say the least. With two potent gas engine options available, you can count on getting the top-notch driving dynamics that Lincoln is renowned with for years.

Lincoln MKC

Already redesigned and redefined in the 2020 model with a new nameplate known as Corsair. The all-new MKC-Corsair is a compact luxury SUV that is beautifully designed with precise engineering and a deluxe interior that makes the 2020 Lincoln Corsair lease an honest look for shoppers in this segment.

Not yet sure which Lincoln is right for you? Contact our exceptional sales rep to put you through and arrive at the best model that will satisfy your taste.

Lincoln FAQ:

What is the best Lincoln to lease in New Jersey?

The 2020 LINCOLN MKZ SEDAN is not only one of the cheapest Lincolns for lease but also a very luxurious and dependable 4 door car. It is available for as low as $374.00 per month.

How often should I have my oil changed on my leased Lincoln?

Your oil and oil filters should be changed based upon which type of oil you use:

  • If synthetic oil it should be about 8,000 miles
  • If regular oil about every 4,000 miles

How can I prepare my Leased Lincoln for the cold weather?

Before the winter season and snowfall, you should take your leased lincoln for a winter servicing, which replaces the fluids, windshield wipers, and tires for specially made winter ones.

What are my options when my Lincoln lease is about to end?

The default option when your lease ends is to return your Lincoln.

Most leasing terms also have the option to extend your lease or to buy it for a lower price.

How many miles can I drive my Lincoln per year?

When you lease a Lincoln, you can negotiate the mileage allowed per year. It is usually between 8k-12k miles per year.

What happens if I exceed my mileage allowance?

If you drive more than you negotiated mileage listed in the lease, there is a surcharge of roughly .20 cents per mile.

What are the benefits of leasing a Lincoln SUV?

Leasing a Lincoln SUV comes with many benefits like the option for zero down payment and lower monthly payments.

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