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VIP GMC Lease Of NYC, our sister company and corporate headquarters, took the states auto industry by storm. Now New Jersey residents can enjoy the 100% virtual white glove GMC lease services that our friends across the river enjoy.

The time has come to lease your favorite new GMC truck or SUV right here in New Jersey. VIP Auto Lease of NJ located in the heart of Bergen County has the largest inventory of any 2024 GMC vehicle. We offer low monthly leas payments and flexible leasing terms for every client. Apply for a quote today to see if you qualify for a $0 down payment lease.

From the heart of Detroit GMC bring you pickup trucks, SUV’s all forged to a high standard since 1908. Founder  William C. Durant acquired Rapid  Motors and Reliance Motors. With so many different technologies these companies were going to produce great cars. In 1927, GMC launched the T-Series truck. Using Pontiac engines, these early models were a success.  The larger, one- or two-ton vehicles used the more efficient and powerful Buick 6-cylinder valve-in-head engines. From its early inception, GM has been searching on the cutting edge of the automotive industry and that tradition continues today. There is a GMC  lease dealer in New Jersey is on hand to advise you which model to choose.

Which 2024 GMC Should I Lease


This magnificent  5.3L EcoTec3 V-8 engine delivers  355 hp and a whopping great 383 lb-ft of torque. It comes with Advanced Direct Injection which delivers a quiet efficient ride and the Variable Valve Timing adjusts to different engine RPMs and driving conditions to maximize performance.  If the low speed forward automatic braking system detects that a crash is imminent the system automatically applies brakes to help reduce the impact of the crash. The system may even help avoid the collision at very low speeds. There are so many features to enhance your experience such as the keyless open start so you just get in your car with your key in your pocket press start and off you go.


A 3.6L V-6 engine powers this seven-seater and it delivers a balance of performance and efficiency. The stop/start technology will close down the engine when power isn’t needed. With this model, there is a continuously variable real-time damping suspension that will reduce vibrations and make for a smooth ride indeed. Wherever you go you will be seated comfortably whether you are in the front or rear you will have access to climate control and be able to charge your personal devices. Both front and rear seats are heated so both driver and all passengers are comfortable.


The Terrain will take you across all surfaces with its 1.5L Turbocharged gas engine. The easy to use Traction Select System shifts between settings flawlessly making real-time adjustments depending on the conditions. The way is lit by the HID Headlamps with LED Signature Lighting making the front profile very distinguished. The rear lights have the same c-shaped design so you get the same good looks at the cack and the front. Whilst you sit in the soft comfortable seats this ride is more comfortable than you can imagine.


The Sierra is a pick-up truck with an attitude. You can open the truck’s tailgate from the keyfob and the load is extra safe because of the load stop. A truck with this much strength and power benefits from the ProGradeTM Trailering System. There is a rear camera mirror and multicolor head-up Display that puts important car information low on the windshield. The plethora of safety features keeps on coming with HD Surround Vision and Lane Change Alert With Side Blind Zone Alert to help you feel confident and in control.

There is only one thing to do. Go and check out the best GMC lease deals in New Jersey and find out which model best suits your needs.


What is the cheapest GMC to lease in New Jersey?

VIP Auto Lease in New Jersey has a wide range of GMC vehicles, but the cheapest is the 2021 Canyon pick up truck that is less than $260 per month.

What countries have manufacturing plants for GMC?

GMC has most of its plants in the USA, but it has production facilities in over 10 countries including South Korea, Japan, Mexico and Canada.

Can regular fuel be used in a GMC?

87 octane gasoline can be used in most editions of GMC automobiles unless otherwise noted. Additionally, many models can use Flex Fuel.

What is E85?

E85 or Flex Fuel is a fuel mix of ethanol and gasoline. It contains 85% ethanol and can be used in many models of GMC vehicles.

Is All-Wheel Drive and Four Wheel Drive the same thing?

Although AWD and 4WD are similar, They are not the same. In both, 2WD is the default, but with 4WD the switch from 2 wheels to 4 wheels happens manually when the driver initiates it, and with AWD the vehicle uses advanced sensors to automatically engage when needed.

What is the weight capacity of a GMC?

The weight capacity (or payload) is different for each trim and model of the GMC lineup.  This is defined as the maximum weight which can be loaded on the vehicle.

Does Onstar come on all GMCs?

Onstar, owned by GM, is a full-service subscription communication, emergency and diagnostic program which comes in most vehicles.

Do GMC trucks need synthetic oil?

GMC requires a synthetic or synthetic blend oil. They manufacture their own brand called Dexos which is formulated specifically for their engines.

How safe are GMC vehicles?

The Terrain, Yukon, Acadia Sierra and others all received 4 or 5 safety ratings based on NHTSA safety tests.



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