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  • Dodge Hornet Lease NYC Exterior Front View
    Dodge Hornet
    $349.00/ Month
    Lease Term
    Money Down
  • 2024 Dodge Durango 4WD SUV SXT
    Dodge Durango
    $649.00/ Month
    Lease Term
    Money Down
  • 2024 DODGE CHALLENGER NYC Exterior Front
    Dodge Challenger
    $699.00/ Month
    Lease Term
    Money Down
  • 2024 DODGE CHARGER AWD NYC Exterior Front
    Dodge Charger
    $749.00/ Month
    Lease Term
    Money Down


/ Month
Lease Term
Money Down

All Dodge Lease NJ – Hornet, Durango, Charger & Challenger @ VIP Dodge 2024
Trust VIP Chevrolet Lease Day in and day out for the guaranteed best Dodge Hornet, Durango, Charger & Challenger Lease deals in the whole state. Buckle up and prepare for the cheapest monthly prices on any lease under the NJ sun. We also offer free same day shipping in New Jersey.

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VIP Auto Lease of New Jersey is proud to announce the new 2024 Dodge models have arrived and are ready for leasing. We keep our leases prices at an all-time low by building a huge network of partners allowing you to get exactly the new Dodge you are looking for. Cars, SUVs, and minivans can now be leased without $0 down and for all credit scores. Get your free quote online to see if you qualify!

For those who love Dodge vehicles, we have everything you could want. Of course, we also have cars from other manufacturers, so whatever you need, contact us and we will help you get it. Leasing a Dodge vehicle is a great way to get a nice car, truck, minivan or SUV without paying the high prices of buying a new one. For many people, car leasing is the ideal solution to the needs of their cars. If you are looking to lease a new Dodge or any other type of car, you will want to make sure that the whole process takes place as quickly and efficiently as possible, and that is our goal as well. At Vipautonj, we help our customers get the best deals possible on all of their vehicles.
Dodge Lease FAQ:
Can I lease a 2024 Dodge with no money down?

VIP Auto Lease in New Jersey has a huge selection of 2024 Dodges with no money down and low monthly payments.

What is the cheapest 2024 Dodge to lease in New Jersey?

The new Dodge Hornet is a 4wd full size SUV which is a popular choice for those looking for a large vehicle on a budget since it can be leased for only $349.00.

What are the benefits of leasing a new Dodge?

Whether it is a new Dodge sports car, SUV, or minivan, A lease can be an excellent option for those looking to minimize their monthly payments.

How many miles can you drive on a leased Dodge?

To have the lowest monthly payment you can choose a mileage allowance as low as 8k miles, but more is possible if required.

Can I purchase the Dodge at the end of the lease?

There is usually an option to purchase the Dodge you are leasing at the end of the lease contract.

How often should my Dodge have the oil changed?

For the 2024 Dodge models, it is recommended to have your oil changed every 10,000 for synthetic oil or 5k for conventional oil depending on the driving conditions.

Do new Dodges require synthetic oil?

When you lease a 2024 Dodge it should come with synthetic oil in it, Dodges are also able to run well on conventional oil but with changes required at a higher frequency.

Are Dodges safe vehicles?

Some new Dodge models like the Charger have an overall 5 stars by the NHTSA while others have an above average 4 star rating like the Grand Caravan and the Durango.