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Breaking news! The 2021 Chrysler models have arrived to Bergen County NJ. VIP Auto Lease of New Jersey has a full inventory of brand new Chryslers, that have never been driven and are ready to lease. You can now shop completely online choosing the perfect new Chrysler, Apply for the lease, and even be approved without leaving your home. We work with every client to get you the best lease deal possible!


In the auto world, some names are so common to everyone even down to the newbies in the industry. One such name is Chrysler. Although it has witnessed generation-long of quality and strong styled vehicles to earn a place in the shoppers’ top list, obtaining a Chrysler lease can only be better with the VIP Auto Lease New Jersey. We offer you unbeatable lease deals on any of your choice Chrysler car models. Stress-free, zero haggle, and no headache leasing process is what we will offer you once you start with your Chrysler lease process. Call us now and have your chosen Chrysler model in your driveway as soon as possible.

Right from 1925 when the company was founded, the new division of FCA US has grown to be one of the biggest automakers in the world. This American famous auto brand is now associated with exclusive styling, modest luxury and pleasant driving dynamics. Some of its famous cars include the family Pacifica minivan and the super attractive 300 sedans. With a Chrysler lease, you can quickly get to experience the innovation that comes with the all-new models of Chrysler rides.


Which 2021 Chrysler is the best for you?

Chrysler Pacifica

If you’re a big fan of minivans, then the 2021 Chrysler Pacifica lease is just the right deal for you. In the whole minivan segment, the Pacifica has continuously distinguished itself from the rest, with strict engineering and excellent styling that most auto shoppers cannot help but admire. Everything about this all-new minivan from Chrysler is strategically positioned to impress even down to the most insatiable buyers. When you step in the Pacifica, you’ll be greeted with a large spacious cabin with lots of modest upscale touches and top of the class infotainment system. This eight-passenger seating luxury minivan also offers high haulage capacity. The versatility that meets with proper functionality is what’s behind the engineering of this minivan. With an overall excellent fuel economy, the Pacifica is powered by a 3.6-liter V6 mated to a nine-speed automatic transmission for the non-hybrid guise. The non-hybrid affords more horsepower than the hybrid variant.

Chrysler 300

After its first appearance in the 2003 New York Auto Show and down to its official sales with a 2005 model, the Chrysler 300 has continuously attracted many buyers with its unwavering innovative designs and precise engineering. This large luxury sedan has everything that makes a Chrysler 300 lease deal, an attractive option in the large luxury sedan class. From its fancy cabin down to its excellent driving dynamics, the all-new Chrysler 300 is just the sedan for you. Inside is a long list of upgraded features such as including power-adjustable front seats with heat and adjustable lumbar support, heated rear seats, heated and ventilated front seats, a heated steering wheel, and dual-zone automatic climate control. Under its hood is a 3.6-liter V6 engine that readily gets the 300 going anytime you match on the accelerator.

Trust me; no other auto brand can give you the exact comfort and luxury that the new models of Chrysler car are ready to offer you. The VIP Auto Lease in New Jersey is there to provide you with the best deals on all Chrysler models.

Chrysler Lease FAQ:

Can I lease a 2021 Chrysler with no money down?

VIP Auto Lease in New Jersey has a huge selection of 2021 Chrysler with no money down and low monthly payments.

What is the cheapest Chrysler to lease in New Jersey?

At VIP Auto Lease in New Jersey, we offer the brand new Chrysler Pacific, a 7 seater minivan, that is excellent for families, for as low as $308.00 per month.

What are the benefits of leasing a Chrysler?

Chrysler is one of the best models to lease for those looking for a vehicle that is suitable for a family, individual, or couple, whether it be a car or minivan, and for the best prices on the market.

How many miles can you drive on a leased Chrysler?

We have different monthly mileage allowance that range from 8k to 12k or whatever ie best for your lifestyle. Typically the more miles permitted, the more the monthly payment will be.

What options do I have at the end of a Chrysler lease?

The default option at the end of a lease is to return the vehicle. Many leases have options to extend or to purchase the vehicle.

How often should my Chrysler have the oil changed?

If using synthetic oils in your leased Chrysler you can go as far as 10k miles per year or once a year whichever comes first.

Do new Chryslers require synthetic oil?

No, many new Chryslers in 2021 can use either conventional or synthetic oils. If using synthetic the oil should be changed every 5k miles.

Are Chryslers safe vehicles?

Many 2021 Chrysler models, like the Pacifica and the Voyager, have received multiple 5 stars crash safety ratings as rated by the NHTSA.


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