Best Chevrolet Lease Deals New Jersey

The early years of the motor industry saw some exciting collaborations and visions. Racing driver Louis Chevrolet and business mogul William Durant named their brand after the racing driver. Despite going their separate ways the name has endured and some models have even been immortalized in song. Durant went on to be president of General Motors as his vision was to bring vehicles to the public. Chevrolet wanted to make trucks for the high-end market. If you call a Chevrolet lease dealer in New Jersey today you will see that Chevrolet have affordable vehicles that have many high-end touches.

Which Chevrolet Should I Lease


This SUV has all the comfort and capability your family needs in a vehicle. It packs a 5.3L V8 engine that offers surprising fuel efficiency. The driver’s information board is customizable and you can integrate your phone into the 8-inch diagonal touch-screen display. You will find seven USB ports to ensure you and your passengers are fully charged and you can keep connected via the 4G wi-fi. With passengers seated in comfort, the driver can take control and the safety features will give everyone peace of mind. The sensors can aid smooth parking or help avoid collisions by alerting the driver to slow-moving vehicles on the blindspots.


Light and quick-moving as the name implies, the Impala is a full-sized car that makes a statement when it arrives. The ride begins when you open up with a proximity key and press the push-button starter. The 3.6 liter engine delivers 305 horsepower yet it is designed for efficiency. Inside the cockpit, taller passengers are able to stretch out whilst the driver enjoys a great view of the road ahead. You can connect your phone to the entertainment system and enjoy the ride and pretend you are in a sports car as this model drives a lot like one.


The thrill of driving a sports car is beyond compare and the Camaro is track-ready. Well, it goes from 0-60 in 3.5 seconds so that is impressive. There is a range of shock colors designed to make people stop and stare. Sitting in the state of the art cockpit in heated seats gripping the heated steering wheel the driver feels in control of a beautiful machine. The Direct Injection and Variable Valve Timing helps improve fuel efficiency and the ten-speed paddle-shift automatic transmission keep the ride smooth.  The Magnetic Ride Control™ technology reads the road and ensures stability.  Whether you have a hardtop or a convertible you will feel like the king of the road driving this model. 

The Chevrolet is an all American classic that has gone from pick up trucks to sports cars. The distinctive badge is housed on many styles that have a surprisingly luxurious interior. My advice is to contact a Chevrolet lease dealer in New Jersey today. There you can discuss which model will suit your needs for a great price.