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2021 BMW 3 Series Review

BMW is often a maker associated with class and style, but it can’t be said they often leave out or cut corners in performance or the timeless and enjoyable experience of cruising, out of the equation. Least of all with the pragmatic and improved 3-Series. Known amongst critics and consumers alike as the “drivers car” it is a real treat for purists.

It offers a more powerful base engine than most rivals in class and lets it’s fuel economy speaks for itself. With 20-26mpg in the city and an impressive 29-36mpg on the highway this car helps your wallet happy in more ways than one.

Even for the class it’s $40,000 base price remains both attractive and affordable to many buyers. It also carries a good bang for the buck in the strength of its performance and the abundance of its safety and cargo features.

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The engines carry the car with a sporty and almost energetic efficiency. Keeping the vehicle both lively and smooth. The sporty suspension and nimble steering let you feel both the agility of sportier models while remaining uncompromising in comfort and ride quality.

The interior though leaves a little something to be desired for some fans of the manufacturer. Though spacious and efficient cargo design remains a hallmark of the BMW brand, the simple design may not be up to the extravagant tastes of longtime BMW users. That being said, the simple, spartan and sporty interior is comfortable and spacious as Luxury Small Cars go.

Comparable to the Audi A5, the handling and precision of the BMW 3-Series really keep competitors on their toes. Vastly improving on the design and function of previous models to increase drivability, without compromising anything in economy or performance.


Another thing the 3-Series decides to build upon, rather compromise, is it’s reliable and numerous safety features and results. Receiving a 5 star rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, this model adds yet more reasons to love it. A homage to the performance-oriented roots of BMW, and the reliable safety net the manufacturers have always adhered to.

The only problem many critics and consumers alike may face, besides a simple and spartan interior, is a buggy, unrefined and often lagging infotainment console and management. It seems with all the revamping of the BMW 3-Series models, BMW may have yet to take a closer look to problematic onboard controls.

Still, infotainment is a small bone to pick with an otherwise excellent choice for those who love their wallets and their overall driving experience. A real Sports and Luxury class treat, and quickly becoming the purists choice, this model is well worth a look for all manner of the consumer.

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Year: 2022
Make: BMW
Model: 330i
Body Style: Sedan
Transmission: 8-Speed Automatic
Price: $805.77
Engine: 2.0L Inline-4 Turbo
Exterior Color: All Colors
MPG: City / Highway
Lease Term: 36 Months
MSRP: $44,635.00

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