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Alfa Romeo Lease FAQ:

Who owns Alfa Romeo cars?

Alfa Romeo was an Italian car company that started in 1915. In 1986 it was sold to FIAT who now manufactures them along with several other models of vehicles.

Is leasing an Alfa Romeo cheaper than buying?

Yes, typically leasing luxury cars like Alfa Romeo is 20%-40% cheaper than buying the same exact car. This is due to the favorable leasing conditions and sales tax which is more economical when a car is leased. 

How many miles can I drive a year on an Alfa Romeo?

We offer lease terms that include mileage limits between 8k-12k per year, typically the lower the mileage the lower the payments.

What is the best Alfa Romeo to lease in New Jersey?

The best Alfa Romeo to lease is the luxurious all new Giula Sedan which can be leased for as low as $473 per month.

How often should I rotate my Alfa Romeo car’s tires?

Alfa Romeo recommends rotating the tires every 7,500 miles when you also change the oil. 

Which oil is best to be used in an Alfa Romeo?

It is best to use a fully synthetic based oil in your leased Alfa Romeo for the duration of your lease. This allows the car to go the longest intervals between changes, and allows the engine to run as efficiently as possible.

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