Bentley Devotes To Producing Five New Electric Vehicles By 2030, With A New Model In 2025.

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In a press conference in early 2022, Bentley reaffirmed its commitment to electric, although the move to Electric vehicles is not new. In 2019, the British luxury company unveiled its electrification strategy, stating that it would produce its final combustion engine by 2030. The firm has announced that it will launch a 100% Electric Vehicle in 2025, followed by another electric design in each of the next four years.

What To Expect

We’ll have to wait for further information on the new models. However, Bentley’s head of engineering Matthias Rabe said today in an online news conference that each will be a completely new car, an entirely new type. Given that the firm presently only offers four models—the Bentayga SUV, the Flying Spur sedan, and the Continental GT coupe and convertible—basic math indicates that the whole family will be efficiently replaced by all-electric vehicles shortly rather than later and that a new model will be incorporated to the lineup.

Without a straightforward tie to an old model, Bentley CEO Adrian Hallmark labeled this new design as a “game-changer”; our guess is a sub-Bentayga crossover. Present designs will be replaced with Electric vehicles as they get to the end of their lifespan, with a new Bentayga in 2026, a Continental coupe in 2027, a Continental convertible in 2028, and a new Flying Spur in 2029, according to the planned launch cadence (and the age of the present line).

We may reasonably assume that these new electric cars would share core high tech with other high-end designs in the Bentley lineage, as we expect the next-generation Porsche Cayenne will feature an Electric vehicle variation, which would be a natural base for a Bentley offspring. Lamborghini’s progress toward electrification appears to be on par with Bentley’s, implying some apparent synergies. However, Bentley has stated that all new automobiles would be engineered and constructed at the firm’s existing factory in Crewe, England, which will be modernized and carbon-neutralized as part of a $3.4 billion investment. (Bentley has also suggested that the renovated historic site will be known as the “Dream Factory.”)

Although total electric vehicles are expected to garner the spotlight, Bentley has hinted that more powerful plug-in hybrids may be on the way before the company abandons combustion entirely. We already know that a hybridized Continental is on the way, though  Rabe also promised “far more powerful” PHEVs in the future. Provided that Bentley’s two plug-ins employ V-6 power from somewhere else in the group, this means that the Cayenne Turbo S E-brawnier Hybrid’s V-8 system, which Lamborghini insiders have mentioned that will be utilized in the upcoming Urus, may be added.

Before each model is replaced with a battery-electric car, every design will have a PHEV alternative by 2024. Look for variants of existing designs, including some Mulliner “surprises,” before the lineup turns electric. Bentley is predicted to be a bigger, more profitable, and carbon-neutral automaker by 2030, according to Hallmark. “We may be 102 years old, but we’ve never felt younger.”

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