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New Jersey residents lease more cars combined than most states in the USA and that’s exactly why VIP is here to offer the lowest possible prices on any make or model coupled with our award winning customer service and lightning fast delivery time.


  • VIP Auto Group is the best car leasing company out there, in my opinion. There are no pushy salespeople that tell you what you should buy, there’s no hassle, no rush, you can calmly walk around and consider everything, and you can take as much time as you need. They have the best deals anyway, so I think you wouldn’t think for too long. I’ve got Mazda CX-3 and they delivered it directly to my driveway. Very convenient! Highly recommended.Jordan Curtis
  • Orkhan was extremely thoughtful and really helped me save money. All I had to do was tell him that I wanted a 2019 Subaru Ascent, wait a few days for him to find the best lease and then sign the paperwork. VIP Auto Group made getting the best price painless.Baldwin Hines


  • Your source for the lowest price on any car
  • Allow us to quote you on new car.
  • Have your next car, delivered to your home, at an unbeatable price.

New Jersey

Still going to a car dealer to get your car lease? Feel like you’re getting haggled and forced into something that you don’t want for a price that you aren’t willing to pay? Stop the madness and come into our friendly location in LODI, NJ .

We don’t haggle and you’ll always get the best price for your car lease! Our specialists are trained to check for coupons, special offers, and dealer only discounts that we pass down to our clients.

Come in today and get the car of your dreams for the price you are willing to pay. VIP Auto Group can assist you with leasing your car and car purchase or financing.


VIP Auto is affiliated with hundreds of New Car Dealers nationwide. We analyze inventory and pricing daily to asses the best deals on all new vehicles.

Don’t waste your time negotiating the best deal on your next car, let us do it for you. VIP Auto will act on your behalf, to achieve the best savings on any car.

We make new car purchasing easy. VIP Auto can deliver your next car to you with unparalleled pricing and service, so let us get you a quote on any new car.

With VIP Auto, it’s personal, not business. VIP Auto measures its success by client satisfaction and savings. Let us prove it by chatting with one of our trained staff.

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