2022 Jeep Lineup For New Jersey Residents

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Grilles with the 7-slot design widely represents a top car brand with an exceptional 4-wheel drive system, and vehicles ever ready to take on the most unpleasant terrain.

Jeep is a household name for buyers looking for rugged cars with impressive powertrains and outstanding reliability ratings. This American automaker makes SUVs that can ride almost anywhere and comfortably maneuver even the steepest terrain. On the road, Jeep SUVs also deliver comfortable and refined rides.

Here Are The Main Developments In Jeep’s Lineup For 2022

Coming into the 2022 model year, everything we’ve known about this legendary automaker is set to change for good.

As EVs continue to take over the automotive industry, Jeep has shown readiness to adopt this new wave. It disclosed that at least one fully electric vehicle would be offered in every SUV segment by 2025.

For the new model year, the American car brand brings back the iconic Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer SUVs as the automaker looks to shake up the three-row luxury SUV space.

From the early 1960s until the end of its production, the Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer were rulers of the luxury SUV segment, and Jeep looks to recreate the same magic.

The all-new Wagoneer and its range-topping sibling are no doubt the most luxurious vehicles we’ve seen from the American automaker. It features a uniquely styled exterior and a high-tech interior that screams luxury on every side.

The Wagoneer is powered by a 5.7Liter V8 engine that generates 392-horsepower. This engine is paired to an 8-speed auto transmission and supported by a 48-volt hybrid system. The full-size SUV comes standard with cutting-edge driver assistant features and rear-wheel drive. Jeep’s classic four-wheel drive system is optional.

On the other hand, the Grand Wagoneer is designed to serve as a more powerful version of the regular Wagoneer. It comes standard with Jeep’s solid 4-wheel drive system and an exhilarating 471-horsepower V-8.engine mated an 8-speed auto transmission.

Both SUVs have spacious interiors with a long list of Jeep’s advanced technological features and can tow up to a whopping 10,000pounds.

Jeep has also restyled the Compass for 2022. The mid-size SUV gets some special exterior touches, a restyled dash, and an upgraded infotainment system.

The Grand Cherokee wears a new look as it now shares the same platform with its three-row variant. We expect the automaker to release the fire-breathing SRT and Trackhawk variants of the Grand Cherokee, as well as the three-row Grand Cherokee L for 2022.

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